I was born in November 14, 1978 in Tehran and got my diploma in 1996 from Alavi high school and entered Sharif University of Technology to study physics; The field I have been in love with for years. I got my BS degree in 2000. One year later, my first son Matin was born and I started Master in Particle Physics in The University of Tehran. As my first research work, I focused on confinement problem in QCD . It has been always my honor to be Dr. Deldar’s student. Her behavior and character influenced me a lot and gave me confidence to continue my studies in the same field. I got my Ms degree in 2004 and started Ph.D. My second son Mobin was born in the same year. I was graduated in March 2009 and started teaching in Shahid Rajaee Teacher Training University and Shahed University. I have been an assistant professor in Science and Research Branch of Azad University since 2009.